The HiveMQ IoT on Azure Survey

The HiveMQ IoT on Azure Survey

author Magi Erber

Written by Magi Erber

Category: HiveMQ

Published: November 25, 2020

Along with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure is one of the most commonly used platforms for hosting cloud applications. While AWS remains the undisputed leader in the cloud services sector, Azure is positioning itself strongly in the enterprise environment and shows a higher growth rate.

What all cloud providers have in common is that they also offer numerous services for the Internet of Things. These IoT-related services range from analytical functionality for evaluating device-data (the sort of data used in predictive maintenance) to device management and digital twins that leverage virtual representations to interact with the devices.

Here at HiveMQ, we see increasing interest in the use of Azure as a cloud provider for hosting IoT applications. We want to understand what you like and dislike about using Azure and Azure services for hosting your IoT applications.

Please take 5 minutes of your time and tell us about your experience with Azure and the Azure services. Your answers are strictly anonymous and will not be passed on to any third parties.

We are looking forward to your insights! Thanks a lot for your participation!

author Magi Erber

About Magi Erber

Magi Erber is Senior Product Manager at HiveMQ. She loves creating software that delights customers and helps them realizing innovative IoT solutions.

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