HiveMQ 3 Benchmark on AWS

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HiveMQ is a highly scalable Enterprise MQTT Broker designed for lowest latency and highest throughput. Don’t believe our word, see for yourself. We have created benchmarks for three typical HiveMQ deployment scenarios and captured the performance characteristics. Each individual scenario is designed to replicate a real-world MQTT use case.

Latency Test

This test shows the latency of HiveMQ for different Quality of Service levels for different amounts of MQTT clients and high throughput.

Telemetry Test

This benchmark shows a typical telemetry scenario with a high incoming message rate and a few subscribers which consume the messages. This benchmark discusses the resource usage of HiveMQ for telemetry use cases.

Fan-Out Test

This benchmark is designed to show the performance characteristics of HiveMQ in a fan-out scenario where a huge amount subscribers receive messages at the same time. The focus in this benchmark are the performance characteristics of HiveMQ while delivering messages to tens of thousands MQTT clients.

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