Access Log Plugin is Open Source now

The source code of the Access Log Plugin for HiveMQ is available at GitHub.

The Access Log Plugin is a very useful HiveMQ Plugin for debugging and development purposes, because it writes all important client actions to a file.

Furthermore it is a good starting point for developing new HiveMQ plugins, because of the following two things, which a large number of plugins usually have:

  • It writes a log file for each day
  • It implements the most important callbacks

So don’t hesitate to take the code and start your own HiveMQ plugin today 😉

More information about HiveMQ Plugins in general can be found at our Getting Started with Plugins page.

If you have any feedback on the already existent plugins or ideas for plugins, please tell us. We are also working on a HiveMQ Support Forum for better exchange of feedback on HiveMQ, HiveMQ Plugins and all other things concerning HiveMQ.

Stay tuned !

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